Have you met Louis Pearl?

Have you met Louis Pearl?

We hadn’t until Saturday but, wow, he’s amazing!  In fact, he’s The Amazing Bubble Man!

Me and the family were introduced to The Amazing Bubble Man at the equally amazing Udderbelly Festival at the Southbank Centre.  Now in its seventh year, Udderbelly is a 15-week festival of circus, comedy shows and family entertainment inside the now infamous upside-down purple cow!udderbelly-slide1

So, getting to sit inside a giant, purple cow. That was the first thing we loved. And then it got even more interesting!

Louis made a low key entrance, but immediately he developed a rapport with his audience of young and old through his dry, but wonderfully warm, sense of humour. And then, there they were!

Square bubbles, fog-filled bubbles, bubbles inside bubbles …

Flying saucer bubbles, helium-filled bubbles, cute-little-children-hidden-inside bubbles!

safe_image (3)At one point a young lad – Joseph (who almost became the second star of the show) – fell off his chair and started crying. The Amazing Bubble Man calmly walked up to where Joseph was sitting and created a huge bubble just for him.  Within seconds Joseph was giggling away and later was called to take part in the show, as were a number of other lucky ones who were treated to bubble horns on the head and a huge squirt from a water gun.

Sat listening to all the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ (and not just from the kids), there was a wonderful atmosphere, made even more enchanting by Louis’ musical accompaniment.  Provided by Jet Black Pearl, a singing, voice-sampling accordion-playing sensation, the musical backdrop was at times, uplifting, at other, melancholic.  10404896_860517390680912_1202082807390065896_nAt one point I almost forgot the bubbles and became entranced by Jet Black Pearl’s mesmerising performance.

But back to the bubbles! We even got science. Just a smattering but enough for an audience comprising toddlers as well as the older ones.

At the end of this brilliant hour-long show, there was a feeling of lifted spirits; a mental note to stock up on bubble mixture; and the knowledge that we would never look at a bubble in the same way again.

The low-down:
Udderbelly Festival is at the Southbank Centre and runs from Thursday 9 April – Sunday 19 July 2015. The festival atmosphere continues outside, where there are a range of food stalls, a bar and a Pimms tent.

Udderbelly_Panorama2_LOW_RES_900_419_60For a list of Udderbelly’s other family shows – http://www.udderbelly.co.uk/whats-on/category/family

For more information on The Amazing Bubble Man – http://www.amazingbubbleman

To find out more about Jet Black Pearl and her music – http://jetblackpearl.com/

Our family tickets were courtesy of Gregor Cubie at Borkowski.do