Amelie and the Liliputians’ bow …

Amelie and the Liliputians’ bow …

OK, so I’m getting some stick from my eldest, Amelie age 6, for the fact that her younger sister is getting all the attention on this blog. ‘I want to be famous as well’, she cries.

Fair enough.

Amelie liliputian

Here is a picture of lovely Amelie wearing a gorgeous, handcrafted Hyde Park hairband from online boutique, Liliputians. Covered in soft, good quality olive green material with cream trim, the Hyde Park is very well made and – most important –  doesn’t hurt behind the ears or fall out, even when hanging upside down!  It really is lovely. And retailing at only £3.99 it betters the supermarket hair accessories we usually go for.

Hyde Park hairband, £3.99

We also had the opportunity to try the Marylebone hair slide, with the grip fully-encased in the same beautiful fabric. This was also very well made and came in a lighter, sea green with cream trim. Not only did the Marylebone hair slide not fall out, but it really helped up-style little Flo’s (there she is again, don’t tell Amelie) more ahem, unusual outfits.

Marylebone hair slide, £2.99
Marylebone hair slide, £2.99

And since our school has a green uniform, I also looked like a mum who had gone to a bit of effort to co-ordinate her children!

Why not take a look at some of the other lovely Liliputians’ products on offer

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Newsflash: Maxi Micro scooter can save your sanity

Newsflash: Maxi Micro scooter can save your sanity

This is my first ever blog post, and what better way to kick off a blog about some of the things that I love than by telling the story of my youngest daughter’s devotion to her new Micro scooter?

Let me explain.

Scenario 1: Pre- owning a purple Maxi Micro scooter

Two children to get to nursery and school for 8.45am. Eldest is ready with her scooter.  Youngest, age three, doesn’t want to use the little scooter her sister handed down to her. Doesn’t want to walk, either.  It has to be the pushchair.  Always the pushchair. Cue having to carry the pram down steps to pavement below, although once outside, child changes mind and wants to walk.  Or decides she wants to do neither and the ‘sit in’ commences.  Sigh/cry/shout (delete as applicable – or don’t delete if all three apply).

Scenario 2: Post- owning a purple Maxi Micro scooter

My life has been transformed!  By a glorious, purple piece of kit with wheel whizzers and funky, patterned sleeve – a piece of equipment otherwise known as the Maxi Micro scooter.  As I come down the stairs, having put the final touches of make up on my face for the school run (this is North London, you know) both girls are waiting by the door, eager to break free from the shackles of our modest 3 bed terrace and run riot across the streets of London to their place of learning.

The school run is now – dare I say it for fear of jinxing it – an absolute pleasure and, especially since we’ve had this glorious, sunny weather, the Micro scooter has really come into its own.

In short, when Micro scooter invited me to review one of their scooters they saved my sanity.

My daughter is not yet four but is slightly taller than average. And bearing in mind she wouldn’t use the small scooter, we took the plunge and ordered the Maxi micro model.

It arrived in compact, robust packaging and I was able to assemble it in minutes.  The purple and pink funky wheel whizzers and patterned sleeve for the T-bar completed the look.  The handlebars seemed to come up quite high, and I wondered if I should’ve gone for the Mini Micro again instead, but in a different colour.  However, within a couple of hours my daughter was scooting on the pavement outside our house like a pro, balancing well and trying to do tricks like her older sister, much to the amusement of Mick working in the garage opposite.

This piece of kit really is sturdy, quiet on the ground and the steering is much better than on other, less expensive, scooters we’ve tried in the shops. It’s got great resale value too, so when we’re ready to move to a two-wheeler scooter (this one has three wheels) we can easily sell on.

The scooter is ideal for our London life but is  also perfect for when we visit our loved ones in rural locations.  Whether it’s scooting across the very busy Colney Hatch Lane to get to school (after a special talk about scooter safety, of course), jumping on the bus with the scooter for a day out at the local Albert Road Recreation Ground or easily dismantling it to go in the car boot for a trip to see family in Wiltshire, the Micro scooter is worth its weight in gold by making getting around so much easier than before.

The Micro scooters come in lots of lovely colours, too, and you can mix and match and add loads of accessories, such as water bottles and holders, handlebar ribbons and more, to really customize your piece of kit.  Handy for when you need to retrieve your scooter from the security guy in Sainsbury’s and there are five purple Micro scooters to choose from!

Right, I need to go. It’s Sunday and we’re off out for the day. On our scooters. And the child is ready and happy to leave the house.

Thank you Micro scooter for saving my sanity.

PS. You can view Micro scooters’ full range at And there’s still time to bag a discount on a candy lilac model with an exclusive code from my Mumsnet Barnet website: Offer ends 20th April.