You keep me hanging on …

FeaturedYou keep me hanging on …

… I hear you cry!

I’m so sorry for the radio silence. Real life got in the way – again! My social media agency – Jenny Hall Social – has really taken off, which of course I’m absolutely delighted about! I have three clients who are amazing and interesting to work with. And I’ve been juggling work with looking after my two littlies while they’ve been off school for the Summer. I also found time to take a lovely two week holiday. (In Albir, Spain. Would thoroughly recommend it if you have children and like somewhere inexpensive, a little quiet, but close enough to the action (Benidorm!) if you fancy it.

But what about the fitness challenge? Did I achieve my #121tofitmum goal?

Well …

My sessions with George ended after 10 weeks, as planned. After that the idea was I continue the working out and healthy eating on my own until I reached the 121 day mark.  But … I didn’t! And so that’s why I haven’t achieved my target body fat % and weight reduction goals.

In a perverse way it’s good news for George. It demonstrates just how valuable a PT can be in helping you maintain your fitness goals!

But all is not lost! The good news is that I’ve had a chat with George, he’s re-motivated me and now  I just need to actually DO it! And I will. Starting not tomorrow, but today.

So no more takeaways, or wine. And later I’ll do one of George’s home workouts. It will be the first one in ages. It’ll be tough, but it will be done. And experience tells me it’ll get easier each time I do one.

I was going to say sorry again for letting you – and myself – down. But I won’t and do you know why? Women in general, whether you’re a mum or not, are always apologising. But I did the best I could and, for a time, I achieved great things. And I will again. And of course I will come back and tell you all about it. It’s likely I’ll need to book more sessions with George  at some point, just to keep on the straight and narrow, and so he’s definitely on speed dial!

PS. I am still more than one stone lighter than when I started and my body fat % means I’m now classed as being ‘overweight’ rather than ‘obese’. And these are definitely steps in the right direction. More importantly I feel great about myself, and I’m enjoying life so much more – and that was also one of my #121tofitmum challenge goals.  So perhaps I am a winner, after all?

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Good luck everyone & speak again soon!