Yep, it’s an upbeat one this week, people! I’m on it. Feeling good.

And this is why.

I had my mid-programme Bodymetrix consultation with GPFIT London last week and it’s working, hurrah! Here are my – am I allowed to say this? – rather fabulous results after only five weeks of training with George:

40% less fat on my hips!

And 23% less on the triceps; and 18% less on the thighs (I like to think this measurement decrease isn’t as dramatic as the other two because I’ve developed fabulous thigh muscles ha!)

The graph below explains why I’ve had to send my size 14-16 tops and bottoms to the charity shop, including the new running leggings purchased only five weeks ago!

Hips thighs and triceps 2

Lost 6% overall body fat!

I have! My body fat percentage has reduced from 40% to 34%. Remember me saying that the percent of body fat has the closest correlation to predicting your health? So I’m really happy about this.

Body fat 1Body fat 2Body fat trend 2


My percentage body fat result still falls in the ‘obese’ category, and a healthy range for a 43 year old female is 13.0 to 24.0. BUT, things are moving in the right direction and if I keep going I know I’ll get there!

Lost a stone in weight!

Yes, I know that this isn’t the biggest indicator of increased fitness and health, but it’s a side effect I’m pretty pleased about.  When I began my #121toFitMum journey my weight was 75.8kg – or 11 stones 13 pounds.  Now only five weeks later I’m at a more respectable (for me) 69kg (10 stones 12 pounds). So not quite a stone but almost.

Weight trend 2

A healthy weight range is between 52.6 and 60.3 kg (or 8 stones 4 pounds – 9 stones 7 pounds). Pre-pregnancy, I was 9 stones on the nose and I felt fit and comfortable, but that was nearly eight years ago and I had no muscle tone at all really. So, if I reach 9 and a half stones after 121 days (it’s #121toFitMum remember?) then I’ll feel very happy with that.  (Mind you, I’m only training with GPFIT London for 70 of those 121 days, and it will be interesting to see how I fare when I need to go it alone!)

A healthier BMI

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a common measure expressing the relationship (or ratio) of weight-to-height. BMI, like weight, may not be the best measure of health. But at 26.3 my BMI – while still in the ‘overweight’ range – is closer to the recommended 25 and under than my previous BMI of 28.9.

Decreased risk of stroke, heart disease & diabetes *relief*



This is the result I’m most pleased about because I really did feel so unhealthy pre- programme. These comparison tables show how my #121toFitMum fitness journey is future-proofing my body – for me, and for my loved ones.

Typing that last sentence has reminded me of the answer I gave George when he asked, what are your personal goals for this journey?  My answer was as follows:

To spend more time being active with my two children √

I now look forward to running around with my two; chasing after them as they scoot along; completing the obstacle course at Hatfield House rather than watching them go alone; going swimming, rather than hiding away at home while their Dad takes them to the pool – again!

To improve my fitness level so I feel less out of breath doing everyday tasks √

I was always out of breath and often experienced pains in my chest while carrying out everyday tasks. Remember how I said in a previous blog post that I used to struggle to bend down and plug in my home printer under the TV unit? I really can’t believe that used to be me. Now I use the task as an opportunity to do a few leg stretches and lunges. Funny how things change!

To feel better about myself, including looking good and being more confident about going out and socialising √

Well, in short, I’ve started going out! I still don’t have many clothes to wear, but at least I can fit in the clothes I do own! I used to avoid nights out with friends. Or only hang out with my mummy friends who’ve only ever known me as Fat Jen, and who were happy to go out down the road to the local restaurant. As opposed to – as comedian Micky Flanagan would say – go ‘out out’ to a trendy part of town. I didn’t even realise this was what I’d been doing.  So, a big not-so-fat sorry to my friends living outside of Muswell Hill – I plan to make up for lost time soon, I promise!

So, I’m at the halfway point of my #121toFitMum journey. I feel great. I’ve still a long way to go but things are moving in the right direction.

Now, the twice-weekly workouts have been key to my success to date. But I do have to emphasise that also I’ve been REALLY careful about what I eat and drink. You may not want or need to do this, but I knew I had to drastically improve my diet because I had/have so much/more body fat to lose.  These are the key changes I’ve made to my diet:

Increasing my water consumption.

Completely avoiding refined foods, eg. white bread and white rice.

Completing cutting out all processed foods, even the relatively healthy Quorn or Cauldron Lincolnshire vegetarian sausages. In time I’m sure I’ll reintroduce these foods but for the time being I’m eating only unprocessed foods.

Reducing the amount of carbohydrate I eat during my evening meal. I’ve not been advised to do this but I’ve been craving more protein-led meals in the evening so I’ve listened to my body.

Only snacking on fruit, nuts and gluten-free oatcakes and other healthy snacks (and also being mindful of portion sizes).

Swapping cow’s milk for almond milk for 50% of the time, and eating only nut rather than dairy butter. GPFIT London didn’t advise me to do this, but as I’ve become healthier I’ve naturally craved plant-based foods over dairy.

Not skipping meals and keeping a log of calories in and calories out using myfitnesspal. It’s amazing how a splash of milk in your coffee, or an extra daily snack here and there can all add up. Equally it’s amazing – and motivating – to see how many calories a swim or long walk can burn.

Overall I’m pleased with my progress to date and GPFIT London is, too. I just hope I can keep it up! If reading this blog has got you thinking you’d like to increase your fitness, do give GPFIT London a call to talk about your goals. And if you decide to go ahead and make a block booking, don’t forget to take advantage of my Mumsnet Barnet and Mumsnet Enfield 10% discount.

Until next week!

Jenny x

gpfit mpu final version









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