Sex, shopping & 12 other ways you’ll benefit from a personal trainer

Sorry for the delay with this week’s blog post. There’s been a reason for that. I’ve been on a bit of a high with this fitness business up until now. Been feeling very smug about my amazingly healthy food diet and increased exercise levels.

BUT, the most dreadful cold followed by a sickness bug has knocked the stuffing right out of me. I managed last Tuesday’s workout with GPFIT London, but had to postpone Thursday’s. My personal trainer, George, said cancelling was absolutely the right thing to do. Just try a gentle home workout once you feel better, he said. But then I didn’t get round to doing that, either.

And now it’s the following week and I feel deflated in spirit and bloated in body.

BUT, what does George say? Don’t worry if you do/don’t do something that’s not in the plan. Put it behind you and move on. Don’t dwell. Focus on what you WILL do. Think of the positives.

So here are my reasons why this personal fitness training programme is the bees knees. All 14 of them.  And I’m sure I’ll think of more, even as soon as I’ve hit that ‘publish’ button!


Ok, let’s put it out there. Increased libido. When I looked into it I realised this is a very common side effect of increasing your physical exercise. This article gives you the low-down!


Every girl likes an excuse to shop, right? Well when you become a ‘sporty sister’ you need the gear. I’ve only purchased from the Tesco F&F women’s activewear to date, but I’ve got my eye on that Sweaty Betty shop on the Broadway! I’ve also ordered my Mirafit aerobic step and Wolverson resistance bands. Next on my shopping list – a regular, weekly delicious organic fruit and veg box from Riverford.



You get to share images of your super-healthy Nutribullet smoothies and salad plates on Instagram. You can also like and regram/repost fitness-related content on Instagram without feeling like a total fraud. You’ve stumbled across a Facebook page such as ‘Fitness is my addiction’? Give it a Page Like, no problem!

You get to be smug in real life, too. At the supermarket, check out all those crisps and ‘healthy’ (read: sugar-laden) granola bars in other people’s shopping trollies, while you’re walking around in your exercise gear, basket full of fruit, veg and enough seeds and nuts to feed a scrurry of squirrels.


You are now a fitness queen so you need to pay yourself more attention. Buff or scrub that body. Pay out for that facial, manicure and pedi. Sort out those unruly eyebrows. Muffin top starting to deflate? Excellent. No need to wear double layer tops and long cotton scarves to cover your ‘food baby’ (a godsend in this current hot weather). You start walking with a sashay.


Drinking those two litres of water have helped kick-start your metabolism but they’ve also worked wonders for your skin. Fewer dry patches and spots; and even the wrinkles seem less pronounced.



Yep, for the first time in years I’m not absolutely dreading the summer. I mean, it’s my favourite season (birthdays, anniversaries and trips abroad to look forward to). But there’s always been the dark ‘fat’ cloud hanging over me. Not in 2016 – I’m determined to get my sort-of-ok, pre-children body back!

jenny zanzibar 7. ME, ME, ME

When you have a personal trainer for an hour or so it’s an hour to focus on you, and only you! (That said, I do sometime feel guilty going on about my ailments, problems with kids etc and sometimes have to remind myself to ask how George is doing. Sorry, George, I do care about you, honest!)

Also, a personal trainer customises workouts just for you. GPFIT London ensures you don’t do the same workout each time; and anyone with any fitness knowledge knows that, to be effective, workout routines do need to be varied. Many personal trainers also offer personalised nutrition advice, and because they see you week in, week out, they can flag potential health issues and advise you to see a health professional, such as a physio.


Your trainer arrives. You must train.  There’s no escape. Even when he’s not there, George emails at least once a week to see if I’ve achieved my weekly home workout goals (oops). GPFIT London also uses Bodymetrix equipment to monitor your percentage body fat and other key metrics. When I see an improvement in those it truly will be a great motivator! I’ll share my next set of body measurements with you in a few weeks.

“Everybody say, yeah!”


We all know how important regular exercise and a balanced food diet are to maintaining health and wellbeing. But we’re also all super-busy. And this particularly applies to mums, whether you do paid for work out of the home or from the home; unpaid work as a stay-at-home mum; whether you work full or part time. Mums are busy. Period.

So it’s easy to tell yourself you don’t have time to devote to looking after yourself via exercise. Well, having a personal trainer means you don’t have this excuse. You don’t have to factor in the journey time to and from the gym. A personal trainer can come to your home and give you focused attention. You’ll burn more calories in less time that you would training on your own in a gym.


You suddenly have more energy. Ah, you’d forgotten what it felt like to have that, hadn’t you? Other areas of your life improve. I’m finding I’m achieving more work, faster, since I started working out. I just feel more focused; more organised.


As mentioned in a previous blog post, knowing a personal trainer is going to come to your house twice a week means you’re forced to do a bit of a tidy up each time. PrScooting Ally Pally to useobably a bit of a cheat tidy up, but a tidy up nonetheless.


One of my goals was to increase my fitness levels so I had more energy and stamina to play with the kids. I used to be the mother who hollered after the kids-sur-scooter as they disappeared into the distance. Now I’m the mum who’s racing them and – may I boast? – overtaking them. *Preens*


If you previously purchased lots of wine/takeaways/chocolate (circle all that apply) then you’ll save lots of dosh! Pre-planning your weekly menu to ensure you have enough healthy stuff in the fridge and cupboards is also a money-save. Then you can go shopping (see #2). Alternatively invest in more personal training sessions. They’ll do wonders for your … see #1.

And don’t forget, if you book a block session with GPFIT London and mention either Mumsnet Barnet or Mumsnet Enfield then you receive a 10% discount, too!

gpfit mpu final version


Working with a trainer will allow you to achieve the results you simply can’t achieve on your own. Previously sceptical when personal trainers claimed this, I really do believe it now.  A personal trainer can also help you achieve your goals more quickly because they prevent injury by ensuring you exercise correctly. A personal trainer like GPFIT London  also works around any existing injuries (such as my dodgy right knee) to give you the confidence to workout and achieve your fitness goals safely.


Hgeorge gpfitaving a personal trainer truly is an investment in your health and wellbeing. We all spend money on luxurious beauty treatments, yummy food, hair appointments and lots of other things to improve the way we look and feel. So why do we tell ourselves we can’t justify spending money on a personal trainer, when regular workouts combined with healthy eating can increase energy levels, improve your appearance, boost self-esteem and improve your personal relationships?

Food for thought …

Until next week!


PPS. To read the previous #121toFitMum blog post click here.



2 thoughts on “Sex, shopping & 12 other ways you’ll benefit from a personal trainer

  1. A fabulous post! So many points I agree with. I have actually never tried a personal trainer but beleive that for some people it is the best option, definitley if you need the extra push to get out and do your exercises. Will keep in mind for the BritMums next fitness round-up. You can also link to my #FitnessTuesday @Fitness4Mamas 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! I’m relatively new to blogging so your comment is particularly welcome! Would be great to appear in the next/a future @BritMums’ round-up and will definitely link up to your #FitnessTuesday – just need to figure out how all these linkys work! X


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