The night before the morning after [or, how one mum nearly backed out of a fitness programme before it even started]

hand help gpfit london blog 2Oh my god, what have I done? Why on earth did I sign up to GPFIT London‘s personal fitness programme?

My consultation with George is tomorrow and I’ve been so busy working I’ve not completed the set of forms he emailed over. I haven’t got anything sporty to wear. Oh no, have I even got a pair of running shoes that fit? (The trainers I bought 10 years ago fit my pre-pregnancy feet but post-birth my foot size increased by one size). And what if it’s not just a consultation tomorrow, and I have to, you know, actually do exercise?

Why, why, why did I eat curry and drink beer this evening? I can’t exercise at the best of times and now I’ll look and feel even more bloated than usual. (The curry was delicious, though. My favourite. Paneer and spinach).

beer and curry gpfit london blog 2

And I really am fat.  So fat. And so embarrassed that George will see me like this. Maybe I’ll postpone our first meeting until after I’ve lost a few pounds and my skin isn’t looking so rubbish and spotty.  (Actually, why do I have spotty teenage skin at the age of 43?) I really should postpone. Or should I cancel altogether? But what do I tell George? Will he be cross?  Will he think I’m rubbish? *Wails*

[Text received later that evening]: Hi Jenny, it’s George. Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow and discussing your fitness goals. Is 10am still a good time?

Oh, he knows. He read my mind. He guessed I was going to bottle it. I can’t back out now, can I?

Actually, it’s because I’ve always backed out – from joining friends and neighbours on evening power walks; Zumba classes; everything – that I’m in this mess. Maybe I will have a chat with George tomorrow, see how I feel after that? There’s no obligation to see it through, is there?

Right. I’m texting back. ‘Yes 10am still good. Can’t wait. (Lie). See you tomorrow!’.

And there it is. One of the benefits of a personal trainer rather than going it alone. When you feel like giving up, including before you’ve even started, a personal trainer like George can motivate you to keep going!

So, tomorrow I start my journey to fitness. I’m ready (I think) to cross the bridge to the other side to join the fitness queens! Will you join me?

cross that bridge

PS. This blog is meant to be weekly – every Monday at 9am like this one – but I’m going to publish my next blog tonight at 8pm to let you know how I got on today. I’ll cover what the consultation involves, my results – weight; body fat %; everything; including some lovely pictures of how I look now, in all my flabby glory! Eek, I’m really nervous about sharing those pics but I think it’s important to be very honest!

PPS. If you’re eager to make a booking right now, visit George’s GPFIT London website and don’t forget to quote jennyhallsocial, Mumsnet Enfield or Mumsnet Barnet to receive your 10% discount on a first block booking. Best of luck!

PPSS. You’ll remember I mentioned Rectus Abdominus Diastasis (RAD) in my first #121toFitnessMum blog post? The condition can occur during and post-pregnancy. It’s sometimes called abdominal separation and I think I have it. I went to see my GP this week and was given rather short shrift before being told, ‘I don’t think that’s what you’ve got, so what do you want me to do?’. Um, I said, I was rather hoping you’d tell me. ‘Well I’ve never really heard of it; what is it exactly and how do you spell it’? It was at this point I Googled the term for her and politely recommended she refer me to a physiotherapist. I’ve since read this 2011 leaflet by the St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust and am reassured I gave the GP the correct next steps advice! I await an NHS appointment but in the meantime will seek additional information from trusted sources and share anything helpful with you. I’d also be interested to hear from anyone out there who’s been diagnosed with RAD and are willing to share their experience and knowledge because it seems that advice and support isn’t that forthcoming from the professionals (at least, not the one I’ve had contact with)!

Until tonight

Jenny & George

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