GPFIT London’s fitness challenge to one busy mum [and what she did next]

Putting the 'GP' into GPFIT London!
Putting the ‘GP’ into GPFIT London

It was a week early in February that I received the email. It was 6pm and there was something in my Mumsnet Enfield inbox from George Pelekanos, an Enfield-based personal trainer. George was keen to advertise his GPFIT London personal training business on my website to promote his 1-2-1 customised fitness programmes. I phoned George; we had a good chat about his business – goals, target audience and key messages. We also chatted about my Digital Mum social media studies – I graduated from the advanced live learning programme last year – and how my life had become sedentary, with lots of late nights working away at the laptop.

jennyhallsocial can help your business leverage the power of social media
jennyhallsocial can help your business leverage the power of social media

We decided on a GPFIT London sidebar residency on both my Local websites, Mumsnet Enfield and Mumsnet Barnet. George has a background in design so he produced a great-looking animated gif file. I uploaded the advertisements and scheduled some Facebook posts and tweets to reach even more potential clients. And voila, in hours the GPFIT London web and social media advertising campaign was live!

And then it happened. George asked me The Question. Would I participate in GPFIT London’s Platinum fitness programme? Um, why?  ‘Why?’, replied George, ‘to show how a 1-2-1 customised training and healthy eating plan can help you achieve wellness and feel fantastic’!

Would I rise to the GPFIT London challenge? Could I?
Would I rise to the GPFIT London challenge? Could I?

Err, what, me? On paper I was the perfect guinea pig. My youngest daughter is five next month and I’m carrying about 16kg more weight than I was pre-first pregnancy. (For my fellow 70s kids, that’s almost three stone)!

Seven years of being ‘mum’, coupled with a severe knee injury last January and sitting on my bum studying and working all day have all taken their toll. As has eating a triple fried egg sandwich on white each morning.  With ketchup. (I never buttered my bread though; that was my nod to healthy eating). Rubbish ready meals late at night, all washed down nicely with a glass or three of my beloved Sauvignon Blanc completed this woeful state of affairs. Oh, and let’s not forget the suspected Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) and it’s not looking pretty!

A nice, chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc
A nice, chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc
Sitting on the sofa - my favourite position!
Sitting on the sofa – my favourite position!

So, yep, I was in need of a total fitness shake-up and George was handing me the opportunity on a plate. So of course I said yes straight away.

Um, actually I told George I’d think about it.

I felt so overweight and unhealthy I couldn’t bear the thought of being weighed, measured and put through my paces by a fitness guru.

But I was avoiding going out because clothes no longer fitted.  I was breathless on the school run. And I was running a social media campaign for a client on the importance of moving and eating for wellness, but I certainly wasn’t practising what I preached. I felt so guilty. What a hypocrite!

‘It was time to change’

Before I could change my mind, I phoned George, gave the green light and waited for the email to confirm our face-to-face consultation.

Fabulous. So far, so good. I’d taken that first step and that felt good.

What next?

To follow me on my journey to fitness, follow this blog and read the second blog post in my #121toFitMum series.

Will you join me? 

Exclusive 10% discount on GPFIT London block bookings with Mumsnet
Mumsnet exclusive:10% discount on any GPFIT London block booking

If, like me, you’re fed up of making excuses and telling yourself ‘I’ll start working out/eating more healthily tomorrow’, why not take a no-obligation look around the GPFIT London website? Here you can check out George’s approach to improving his clients’ health and wellbeing. George doesn’t advocate fad diets or clean eating; he’s about looking at the bigger picture, addressing lifestyle imbalances, eating nutritious food and implementing action that is both realistic and sustainable.

Putting the 'GP' into GPFIT London!
George Pelekanos – putting the ‘GP’ into GPFIT London

The website also gives details of the various customised fitness plans available, together with pricing. I’m on a 10-week/20 sessions programme but you can book just one or five sessions, depending on your fitness requirements and budget. If you decide on a block booking be sure to quote Mumsnet Enfield or Mumsnet Barnet and you’ll receive a brilliant 10% discount!

Good luck and see you next Monday!

Jenny & George

PS. To read the next, second blog in the #121toFitMum series click here.





9 thoughts on “GPFIT London’s fitness challenge to one busy mum [and what she did next]

  1. Good for you Jenny! That’s brilliant. Sounds like a great plan – it’s always easier with a bit of motivation from someone else. Now, I’m thinking I need some of that!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Elaine! I’m really so pleased I’ve taken on the challenge because I’m already seeing the benefits – more energy, clearer skin, the start of something resembling a waist lol! On top of the two weekly workouts with George I try and do a home workout (designed by George). I am largely sticking to it but I’ve realised early on that it’s the 121 training that’s motivating me to keep going. Keep reading each week to see what sort of exercises I’m doing – involves kettle bells, slam balls and even Hatton boxing! x


  2. Well done Jenny! It’s starting that the hard part (I hope). I’ll look forward to hearing all about your journey.


  3. Hi Jenny, I am wondering if I should join you on your fitness quest, I am really struggling to eat well and get out to exercise class, it’s April and I am still claiming post Christmas slump! Good luck with it, I look forward to hearing all about it. Cat

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Cat, thanks for reading and commenting! And I’m pleased you mentioned joining in because I’d like to go to one of the weekly dance classes you mentioned earlier in the year. Are you still going and, if not, would you like to start up again with me in tow?? Either way we must catch up soon! X


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