“Three boys? You poor darling.”

As the mother to two girls, I just don’t get this response. I’d hate it if it was the other way round. I just love your attitude in response to the pity, Mad about the boys x

Mad About The Boys

The other day an elegant lady in her seventies watched me march my two boys and push the third across a car park to get a ticket.  I was in full military mum mode. “Hold hands, don’t run off and listen to everything I say or else you will get nothing.”  As we were queueing for our tickets she asked me if the baby in the pram was a boy too and then she said “Oh, you poor darling.” IMG_2911 There is nothing about my situation that evokes that level of pity.  Sure, there are a fair few days when I would happily trade places with someone to have a few hours peace and quiet, perhaps with a book or even just to listen to the radio without constant noise in the background.  I often dream of time to myself, without having to think about logistics, mealtimes, nappy changes and the…

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