It’s raining, it’s pouring … hurrah for Nutty Putty!

Actually, hurrah for Nutty Putty when the sun is shining, too, because when Alphabet Pie gave us some Nutty Putty to try, the weather was warm and the kids still decided to stay indoors and play with the stuff!

nutty putty work

Why did the kids like it so much?

It’s more interesting to play with than conventional play dough.  It’s rubbery and bouncy, you can mix different colours together to make a new colour and there’s even a glow in the dark version!  You can bake it (just 10 mins in the oven), it stays shiny and then you can play with it.  Also, it doesn’t dry out so you don’t have your parents nagging you to ‘put the lid back on’!

What’s in it for the parents?

Nutty Putty is safe (it’s made from the same stuff that’s used to make baby bottles’ teats); it isn’t messy like play dough, and once baked it becomes waterproof (no food dye dripping everywhere – result!) What’s more, it’s addictive to play with! Seriously, I loved making the stuff and got told off by my kids for taking over!

The results

Here are a few photos of the things we made. Some were made following the instructions in the box; others were – how should I put it? – conjured from the imagination!

lionbutterflies and bunniesbutterfly with fosnails

Where can I buy?

Here’s a link to Nutty Putty stockists

PS. Did you know it takes 63 feet of wire to make a Slinky?


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