A five year old party with Mr Pineapple Head, a vicar and some fire fighters…..

What a fantastic party this turned out to be for one lucky five year old boy!

Mad About The Boys

I’m glad that my kids are so young they don’t realise how totally unorganised I am when it comes to their birthday parties.  The first one I ever held no-one ate my homemade cupcakes as they looked liked something my one year old had made himself (the words of a dear friend of mine)! One party I did at home I had nothing planned because I simply assumed that the kids would round like lunatics (as normal)  in their superhero costumes…ermmm ten minutes in and they were reading books in the bedroom and sitting playing quietly, I kid you not it was not at all what I expected, although the parents loved it.

J was five in March and we had a small party for him in a church hall nearby.  We kept the numbers fairly low (as opposed to inviting the whole class of 30) and booked an entertainer…

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