OK, so I’m getting some stick from my eldest, Amelie age 6, for the fact that her younger sister is getting all the attention on this blog. ‘I want to be famous as well’, she cries.

Fair enough.

Amelie liliputian

Here is a picture of lovely Amelie wearing a gorgeous, handcrafted Hyde Park hairband from online boutique, Liliputians. Covered in soft, good quality olive green material with cream trim, the Hyde Park is very well made and – most important –  doesn’t hurt behind the ears or fall out, even when hanging upside down!  It really is lovely. And retailing at only £3.99 it betters the supermarket hair accessories we usually go for.

Hyde Park hairband, £3.99

We also had the opportunity to try the Marylebone hair slide, with the grip fully-encased in the same beautiful fabric. This was also very well made and came in a lighter, sea green with cream trim. Not only did the Marylebone hair slide not fall out, but it really helped up-style little Flo’s (there she is again, don’t tell Amelie) more ahem, unusual outfits.

Marylebone hair slide, £2.99
Marylebone hair slide, £2.99

And since our school has a green uniform, I also looked like a mum who had gone to a bit of effort to co-ordinate her children!

Why not take a look at some of the other lovely Liliputians’ products on offer http://www.liliputians.com/

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