Welcome to the #121toFitMum blog series.

In association with George Pelekanos, founder of GPFIT London, I’ve launched my #121toFitMum blog series to tell the story of my journey back to health and fitness (fingers crossed) under the expert supervision of a personal trainer.

121 is GPFIT London’s estimation of the number of days it will take me to achieve a fitness level and weight that’s right for me. Having been told from a young age that I’m ‘not sporty’, I’ve always associated exercise with doing sport or going to the gym, and therefore not something for me. But I was slim and looked healthy on the outside, so no problem.

Fast forward more years than I care to think about, plus two children and one sedentary lifestyle later, I’m not looking or feeling so great! But following GPFIT London’s approach and  lots of encouragement from George I’ve finally pressed the button and have started my #121toFitMum journey!

As I progress I’ll share learnings about working with a personal trainer, eating well, incorporating fitness into everyday life, plus I’ll share some new-found style and beauty tips for busy people like me! In short, with GPFIT London’s help I aim to tell, advise and inspire others who might want to join me on a journey to fitness.

PS. I am hugely realistic about what I’ll achieve. I know I won’t look as I did when I was 36, pre-children!

PPS. You don’t have to be a mum to read my blog. Indeed, you don’t have to be a woman. If you want to be inspired to wellness, read and follow and continue to read with me!

The best of luck to you, whatever you decide!

Jenny & George

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